Hatha Yoga [ENG]

Start your Sunday mornings with Akiko – yoga teacher from Japan!

Akiko will teach Hatha Yoga Sivananda every Sunday at 10am in English language.

Akiko’s yoga classes are slow, rejuvenating and relaxing with focus on deep breathing and meditation. After the warm up, a moment for pranayama (breathing practice and meditation at the same time) will take place, which will help you to increase your peace of your mind and body. Different alternatives for asanas will be prepared so people in different levels could participate these classes.



PRICES: 7 EUR per class


Akiko Fujioka

Akiko – yoga teacher from Japan

I learned very early that yoga is not just about the asanas (poses) or how you look like when you practice it. The philosophy of yoga and its depth always interest me a lot and I keep on exploring and learning new things about yoga, myself and my relationship to the world after many years of practice!

Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’ in Sanskrit. It says that your body and mind, soul are connected to each other. They should be in a harmonious balance and we can find that harmony through practicing yoga.” – Akiko


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